When I went to Venice, I discovered that my dream had become – incredibly but quite simply – my address

Marcel Proust

The Floating Venice Video


Venice has stood as a testament to construction innovation and technology for over 1500 years. Defying convention the ancient city rises artificially on sunken pillars, appearing to float on the emerald waters of the shallow Venetian lagoon.

Every building, personand action mirrored by the water, lending the
city a magical ethereal quality.


Soul of Venice

Venice is more than just a location, it’s a way of life, a unique state of mind. A city born out of unconventional thinking, rising over the centuries as a home of palaces and theatres where nobility and artists lives intertwine.

A rich culture thriving, inspired by the duality of fluidity and firmness; a city which delicately balances land with water, nature with technology, grandeur with modesty, and old with new.

Venice has for centuries been the home and inspiration to great artists, visionaries, musicians and romantics, a muse for countless artistic and technological advancements over the ages.

Modern interpretation

Venice will be a celebration of art and culture, where you can flood your imagination with possibilities from the famous masked carnivale to exclusive operatic performances, or where you can simply retreat to a quiet corner and relax listing to the gentle lapping waves while enjoying chicheti.

Utterly unique, this resort will float in place in The Heart of Europe islands in The World, 4 km off the shores of Dubai, an idyllic destination to discover the pleasure of la bela vita (the beautiful life).

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Relation with Water

Water is integral to life and well being; since the beginning of history we have been naturally drawn to water. It’s not just an elixir for life, but water offers a means of transportation, a source of food, relaxation and even joy.

Floating independently in the Arabian Sea, Venice embraces our relationship with water, from the gondolas that will transport you to your hotel through meandering canals, to the first class spas that will pamper you, or the unique underwater cabins and restaurants waiting to spoil you.

We have created the ultimate modern interpretation and natural progression of Venice, a luxury destination like no other.

Floating Luxury

The spectacular Floating Venice, will be the world’s first five-star floating destination, bringing the charm, serenity and culture of Venice to the tranquil shores of Dubai.

Inspired by the historic water city, it will be the world’s first luxury underwater vessel resort, offering both five-star accommodation and dining experiences above and below the water.

180 of the 414 bespoke cabins as well as restaurants, bars and boutique shops will be underwater offering guests remarkable views of passing gondolas above and coral reefs teaming with life below.


A Place Like No Other

Venice is an experience like nowhere else on the planet, it redefines living and recreational spaces beyond the conventional. Nearly half of the luxurious cabins are located below the water giving memorising views of the coral
reefs below teaming with life.

Relax in the stunning spa as you gaze out into the Arabian Sea presented before you. Bespoke dining experiences, bars and boutique shops are also located underwater.

Above a range of authentic fine dining and entertainment await infusing the essence of the ancient city.

Celebrate the elan of tranditional Venetian festivals including Festa del Redentore, La Biennale di Venezia, Festival del Cinema, and Regata Storica.